DIY | Purse to Pillow

In my many travels, I have obtained a variety of souvenirs from a plethora of countries. Sometimes, however, when I get jewelry or purses, they tend to work for a season and then a new one comes along. One thing I love to do is repurpose these items into artwork of some kind and keep them as a memento, even if it's not it's intended use. I love a good throw pillow, and in my opinion you can never have too many of those! So for this upcycled craft, I opted to turn two of the purses I had from my travels into pillows for our library chair. This is a super easy task (as are most all of my crafts lol!) and really didn't take much time at all! 

I had two old pillows that had begin to fray on the edges and were in need of new pillow cases so it worked out quite well. Here's what I did:

Cut off the handles of the bags (these were both hobo bags so it was quite easy)
Stuff the bags with filler (from one of the old pillows - slightly messy but necessary b/c the pillow was too large to fit into either bag)
Sew the top of the bag shut (I did this by hand)
Viola! New pillows :)

Check out the finished products:

What are your favorite souvenirs?



I've always been pretty active and grew up playing sports (I played competitive soccer from age 4 to 22!) and was extremely active through college as well. Since leaving a college campus however, I've learned that you have to be a bit more intentional at finding the time to work out while balancing a job, a marriage, and a social life. Throw some animals in the mix and there goes all your time! The husband and I do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and taking the pup for long walks, and since these activities have a social component I always want to (at least attempt) to stay cute! In comes Victoria's Secret! For the longest time I've adored their items from a far as it's my lingerie store of choice, so I was beyond excited to receive this duo in the mail - in my favorite colors no less! 

I love the details and the functionality of these pieces! I usually have a hard time finding the right size in regular bras, much less sports bras that are made with band and cup sizes so I've mostly stuck to broader size categories. I can only imagine if I have a hard time with a pretty normal size how others must feel! I love that the fit makes you feel supported and still feminine. The pants are great, and super comfy too! They're a bit thicker than I thought, so I would definitely recommend them for cooler weather though. And as a note, though they say Capri, they are certainly ankle length pants on me so shorter gals (5'5" & under) beware. Personally I'm glad they are longer, because as I said they are a bit thicker, so perfect for colder weather. Overall I am impressed & quite pleased with these two adorable (& matching!) pieces! Not to mention the loads of coupons for friends to use with me!
Speaking of workout essentials, you need to have to right equipment as well as the right outfit! I love being able to tuck away upstairs and do some pilates or yoga and break out all those fitness routines I've pinned on Pinterest - especially when it's frigid outside or too dark to see anything. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of running as it is, so these types of activities are great when there's no time to join a pool or a gym.

How do you prefer to work out?

Disclosure: I received the Victoria's Secret products complimentary from Influentser for testing and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, however, and are solely based on my experience with VS and it's products. Subsequent social media posts are also for this campaign. This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.


The Mint Julep Boutique {Giveaway}

You may have seen this picture on Twitter recently, or have heard me say on more than one occasion that I love a good maxi dress and they have been my go to all summer long. Well it's safe to safe I'm obsessed with maxis! The best part, is that I can dress them up or down, wear them to work or church, or for a date night on the town! Talk about versatile! I tend to opt for ones as well that will pair with a scarf or cardigan to transition into fall as well. I adore a good boutique and was beyond thrilled when I came across The Mint Julep Boutique. Not to mention their warehouse is in Auburn! So when I saw this maxi, I was obsessed and knew I it would pair perfectly with strappy sandals or buckled booties!
I love the deep maroon, the lace detail, and the aztec print. Not to mention, it is super compfy!

They have so many cute dress, tops, and accessories that you need to go check out right now. And if you sign up for Mint Mail, you'll get $10! They have also graciously offered to give one of you a $20 giftcard to shop their adorable new line! Be sure to enter below for your chance to win and happy shopping! :)

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